Five Premieres in Two Days!! (Frightfest 2018)

I've previously misunderstood/underestimated the nature of Frightfest, casting ill-placed scorn on last year's "World" "Premiere" of 'Cult of Chucky', vowing not to return, as if my vow made any difference.


Well, boredom and opportunity make a strong difference, so this year I passed by the Cineworld (formerly Empire) Cinema in Leicester Square and noted much the same. HOWEVER this year I decided, what the hey, why not actually watch a movie AND see a premiere at the same time?

Amazingly, it worked out pretty damn entertainingly:

1. The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot (!!) - and I saw the film!!
2. White Chamber - the journal features a quote from a star of the movie!!
3. Await Further Instructions -  ... okay, I will?
4. Black Site - Might wanna be careful with the first hashtag that comes to mind....
5. The Golem - no longer just a German 1920s black'n'white movie?

Good times - I'd do it again, given the chance. Maybe even watch a few more movies.