I keep forgetting to update the news section / 500th!!!

I keep forgetting to update the NEWS section of this website, damnit!

* Last year's last premiere was also the biggest : Star Wars : The Last Jedi. I'm not a Star Wars fan, and I didn't like the prior movie (or ultimately this one) but the premiere was great. I even did a Red Carpet Monochrome journal.

Then, in 2018:

* The assholes at Bafta decided to remove queueing as a 'thing' at this year's BAFTAs, opting instead to text the location of the wristband distribution point 'somewhere in Central London' at 10am on the day. This had the unsurprising effect of inducing more people than ever to come in to town, since there was no need to queue for hours in the cold. And what did Bafta do? They handed out LESS WRISTBANDS THAN EVER. What a f**king D1CK move, Bafta. They handed out 500 wristbands. I was 509th on the scene. Ask me how I feel about it.

* I did my 500th premiere! Excitingly / fittingly, it had no carpet, no outdoor media, took place in an alleyway that had no lighting, and only three people attended : it was Pacific Rim : Uprising!

* The 2018 Empire Movie Awards were my 'true' baftas - and it snowed! Pretty heavily! I kinda loved it.

* Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' was a great premiere, and the photography opportunities were excellent even if the dealers were their usual 'charming' selves at this one. Did I say 'charming'? I meant 'assholish'. But that's hardly a surprise.

* I think I've now passed the 100 'Quotes For The Poster' mark. It's a section I put on the site because sometimes I get bored in the long gaps between premieres, and the 'Movies Pessimistically Appraised' section requires too much of a time commitment and is probably better done in podcast form since nobody really reads any more.

Until.... whenever I choose to update the 'news' section! -- you're probably better of following me on Facebook at premieres.co, or on Twitter at berndt2_photo to find out when I post a new journal, quite frankly!