Damn Premiere Cancellations...

April 26th, 2017.

Damnit, they've now cancelled four premieres in London that had been scheduled for next week! - the premieres for Wonder Woman ***, the premieres for the netflix shows Glow and Orange is The New Black, and also the one for The Mummy. And Why? Because there was a terrorist act in the city of Manchester over 250km away.

Leaving aside the tragedy of that event, which was horrible and wrong and devastating and f**k ISIS and anyone who things they're doing the right thing.... I personally am pissed off for reasons that are more selfishly aligned.

They always tell us that when such an act of terrorism occurs, we should go about our lives as normally, otherwise "they" win. But funnily (by which I mean annoyingly), when it comes down to it, what that means seems to only apply to "normal" people. Meanwhile, politicians have their security increased, landmarks get more guards, and stars/celebrities are kept away.

screengrabs : premierescene.net

screengrabs : premierescene.net

*** How ironic, to cancel a Superhero premiere due to fears of violence. Clearly, Superheroes can not keep us safe (and I don't mean that cynically or cruelly, I mean it more as a statement about our concerns as a society in reality as compared to our fantasy solutions in fiction).

At premieres, security has already been increased over the past year(s) from where it used to be - bag checks are mandatory, sniffer dogs are sporadically used as are metal detectors, and at King Arthur a few weeks ago there were physical patdowns upon entering, and re-entering, the premiere site. And now they're not even having premieres at all, whether out of 'respect' or 'due to recent events' or 'safety' or or fear.... it doesn't matter. Honestly, I have no doubt the studios made their own decision, and then found a socially acceptable way to justify it. They could just as easily have said "In light of recent events and out of respect for the victims we ARE having our event because it's more important than ever". And no, of course I'm not blaming them, but I am noting that when large institutions are cowering, I guess it's up to us "normal" people to act as if nothing has changed... even when things have clearly and obviously been changed.

To clarify, I'm not saying that I dispute that studios have a right to cancel premieres for any reason. Of course they can, and of course they have. But at the same time, I always feel that people generally make up their minds first, and then come up with an explanation AFTERWARDS. And it's not necessarily the decision that I question, it's the reason.


Or, you know, don't.

Or, you know, don't.




F**king terrorists.