It's 2017 !

I can't believe I'm doing this for another year!

Meaning : I've done a few already and lazily forgot to update the "news" section.

So far in Jan/Feb it's been:

1. "Live By Night" - missed it
2. "xXx : The return of Xander Cage" - missed it
3. "Denial" - not a real premiere (couldn't be bothered)
4. "T2 Trainspotting" - that was in Edinburgh and I've only travelled for one premiere so far, and that was the world premiere of The Hunger Games : Mockingjay 2 in Berlin in 2015.
5. "Fifty Shades Darker" - yep. And I even desaturated and blue-tinted the photos
6. The 2017 Baftas - yes, and there's one in 'Regular' format, and one RedCarpetMonochrome journal
7. The 2017 Elle Style Awards - all the fun of an ill-lit doorway!
8. The Lost City of Z - yes (and it was at a Museum)
9. London Fashion Week 2017 - I covered the streets outside two (2) venues if that counts?
10. Viceroy's House - with Gillian Anderson and Hugh Bonneville
11. Beauty & The Beast - not a real premiere (thanks, Disney), but I did it anyway.

So... that's that. How have you been?