3rd/4th April : Theatre : TWICE!

Although I know next to nothing about theatre, I have no problem in showcasing my lack of knowledge at events, so in excellent (?) news there were two events in two days.

The first was the annual Olivier Awards, on Sunday, where I recognised perhaps 1 in 8 attendees (and then only if they'd had roles in either movies or Game of Thrones). Highlights were Dame Judi Dench looking awesome, Rory Kinnear and Mark Gatiss reciprocally adjusting each others' ties, the reunion of Game of Thrones' Jon Snow and Ygritte..... and Cyndi Lauper's hair.

As if that wasn't enough (?), one day later I decided to attend a theatre Press Night (well, when I say "attend" I don't want to make it sound like merely hanging around on a sidewalk outside a London Theatre is anything particularly special). It was for Sunset Blvd. And, in amongst all the people I didn't photograph (because the people in the play get there early and get dressed and ready, obviously!), I did manage to photograph Jonathan Pryce, Emily Atack, a civilian George RR Martin cosplay dude and some really, really nice door handles.

So that's that. Good news, however, for fans of regular programming : there's at least three premieres in seven days coming up from this Thursday. Huzzah.