17th Feb 2016 - One Bafta, Two Journals

It's a point of pride that I generally have a journal posted for an event on the same day it takes place, but reality means that "Same Day" occasionally means "some time after midnight". For the 2016 Baftas that became "a few hours after midnight, verging on a few hours before getting up for work". But it was a great event, and it's always a rare bit of fun editing photos on one screen while the delayed broadcast of the event is playing in the other screen.

Anyway, for the 2016 Baftas, I ended up doing two journals, one being the typical "photo plus commentary" style which is accessible here:

<insert comment here.... check grammar, spelling and legibility later>

<insert comment here.... check grammar, spelling and legibility later>

and a few days later, I decided to do it all again, this time reframed, re-edited and in monochrome WITHOUT commentary... because every now and then I'd like to think the photos can speak for themselves.

&lt; . . &gt;

< . . >

Generally it tends to be a bit quiet on the premieres-front after the Baftas, but in this case London is quite busy, with London Fashion Week, the Elle Style Awards, the Brit Awards (which I usually don't do) and a premiere.... all in the next week or so!