27/01/2016 - Movies Pessimistically Appraised

It's been brewing for a little while, and I have some misgivings, but I'm going to formally state that I intend to do this.

I'm going to commit to ultimately watch EVERY movie I've been to the premiere of.

And yes, sure, I've watched many of them (indeed, this week I watched The Hateful Eight, and it was the last premiere I went to last year), but many of them I haven't. Plus... I want to put my reviews on this website. I figure it'll be a nice way to 'complete the circle' of each premiere.

But here's the problem. Not only am I waaaaaay over-analytical, but I'm also a pessimist at heart. That means when I watch a movie, even a GOOD movie, I invariably fixate on the things I didn't like. This is a problem, but on the other hand it also represents an opportunity : why NOT appraise movies from a pessimistic perspective. Why not start with the idea that any movie can be improved? As an intellectual challenge, if nothing else. Alternatively, just as a bit of harmless fun.

I mean... can I *REALLY* write a negative appraisal of Pixar's 2008 masterpiece Wall-E? Or Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight?? The answer, because I've already written both, is yes.

Sort of.

I still love both of those movies. But neither is without flaws.

Feel free to hate this notion, the good news is I'll start by keeping it fairly discreet. You probably won't even realise these reviews are here....

To begin, here's my over-wrought Manifesto

And here's my Movies Pessimistically Appraised attempts at analysing:

Hancock (2008)
Wall-E (2008)
The Dark Knight (2008)

And yes... I'll get to Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray eventually. Perhaps don't expect me to want to expend much time on them. Some things I'd rather not experience, or remember!

And in answer to the question "don't I have anything better to do?". Ummm... on days I don't have premieres to go to? No.