3 New Premieres and 2013 uploaded

I'm a bit behind on the celebrations, but in a fit of extreme uploading only the likes of single (or single-minded) people might understand, I knocked over some thirty premieres from 2013 in a weekend. And then, before I could properly celebrate such a dubious feat, I had not one but THREE premieres of reasonable size to attend.

And then it turned out that the FOURTH of them was the one more people were interested in!

Premiere #1 was Christopher Nolan's "INTERSTELLAR"

Premiere #3 was the much smaller but no-less "World" World Premiere of Horrible Bosses 2

However, what I've learned with such surprisingly well-viewed premieres like "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby : Them" (with James McAvoy) and "A Little Chaos" (with Alan Rickman) ... is that it's often the more obscure premieres that get less coverage but a LOT more views, presumably because the supply-to-demand ratio is much much smaller.

For this reason, the premiere of the four that's had BY FAR the most views so far is for a Korean film : "Kundo : Age of the Rampant"

As for the 2013 uploads? Well, the highlights of that are probably:

Only Lovers Left Alive - with Tom Hiddleston
Thor : The Dark World - again with Tom Hiddleston, but (for me) more importantly Natalie Portman
The Hunger Games Catching Fire - appropriately posted just about one year late!

Coming up next : hopefully some kind of photos as The Hobbit III and Paddington (I have strong doubts as to both) and after that Ridley Scott's Exodus.